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A Couple of Old Barns

Posted on October 15 2018

A Couple of Old Barns
Is there much in life better than an old barn? These two beauts are reminiscent of every quaint farm of the past. The little farms that are making a comeback-simpler times that people long for, so are being intentional about. I am excited that folks are returning to their roots and many are becoming self-sustaining, learning to homestead and enjoy the simple moments of collecting eggs, growing food they can eat, plucking flowers for their centerpieces right from their little gardens and just simply enjoying the moments that bring people together. I am beyond thankful for the gifts God has given me in my life-the gift of a home where we can host others and share these sweet moments together. The past few months of summer have flown by, but have been filled with gardening, swimming, camping, having pool parties for our kids' sports teams, travel, and lots of creating-what a joy!


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