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Woodland Animal Baby Shower

Posted on February 07 2019

Woodland Animal Baby Shower

My husband has a niece that reminds me of myself, for reasons that I probably shouldn’t share. So, I spoil her when I’m given the opportunity. We had her wedding at our home and I spent lots of time decorating for it. I was recently asked to help give her a baby shower, so naturally, I made sure it was beautiful. I would love to share a few helpful tips that I use to throw a beautiful party that is easy and affordable.

1. Hoard Vintage Party Supplies

There are a few items I collect exclusively from thrift stores that help make a beautiful party vignette, and cost very little. I have been picking up milk glass pedestal bowls and cake stands from thrift stores for a few years. The average price was around $4, and I plan to keep adding to my collection. It becomes exciting when you find a piece for a steal. The white is a neutral base, so I can add items to the inside to go with the party theme, or color. For the baby shower, I made pink meringue cookies to match the blush decor.  Other inexpensive thrift store items for parties include; tarnished silver, brass, copper. Just about any vessel in these materials would work in a collection, as long as the metal or glass is the same.

2. Invest in Pretty Dessert to use as Decor

When you spend a little extra money on a beautiful cake or cookies, it makes a big statement. I had gorgeous cookies made to match the woodland theme that looked just like my paintings. When added to a vignette, dessert seamlessly becomes a focal point of the party. I added glasses of pink Rose’ to the cookie table as well, so guests would walk up as they arrived and spend time checking out the gorgeous cookies.  The cookies were made by Suburban Mad Mom.You can check her out HERE.

3. Add Decor to the Walls that will Decorate the Nursery

My gift to the baby was a few pieces of decor for the nursery. I asked Mommy all about how she planned to decorate the nursery, which was with woodland animals.  That, naturally, became the shower theme. I painted a few pieces that I could add to my shop, but in the meantime, would help with baby shower decor. When the shower was over, the decor (or prints from the decor) was gifted to baby.  

4. Always Decorate with Fresh Flowers

I used the most inexpensive flowers that I could and it still made a huge statement around the room. Eucalyptus is very affordable. I bought two large bunches of it for $20 and was able to make 10 arrangements from it to scatter around the room.  I also found beautiful blush colored carnations to add. Carnations, in my opinion, are very underrated. They smell lovely, they easily last a week or more, and they are one of the cheapest flowers you can buy. I also added spray roses. You get a whole lot of flowers for your money with spray roses, because there are a lot of little flowers in each bunch. I used the roses to decorate a yellow cake as well. My favorite way to decorate a cake is to leave it deconstructed.  I dont frost the sides and just let the frosting between each layer squish out. I just use fresh flowers, and sometimes herbs, to dress it up.

5. Divide and Conquer

The best way to throw a killer party is to allow others to help.  Luckily, I had a few family members who were willing to take on responsibility for other important elements, so that it was easier for all of us. I could spend a bit more on decor because I didn’t have to worry about food or activities.

6. A Crafting Heart is a Happy Heart

It's relatively easy to throw a beautiful party if you use what you already have in new and creative ways. I used lots of decor I had sitting in storage and added a bit of pink ribbon or paint. I also hit Hobby Lobby for craft supplies that would make the biggest bang for their buck, and that I could scatter throughout the space. I bought a few spools of chunky blush Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby to make tassel garland.  I also picked up some faux florals that I used for a wreath, table runner, and flower crowns. Be sure to add a splash of blush pink in every direction of the room to keep it looking cohesive.

I hope you found this post helpful and that you can use some of the tips to create a beautiful baby shower of your own.  Remember, a good thrift store is your greatest asset.

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  • Gina: March 17, 2019

    Do you sell the painting of the baby deer? It’s so incredibly precious! My friend is redoing her daughters room & she’s in love with deer. Thank you!!

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